Spa Find Mineral Body Treatments


Dead Sea Salt Brushing

Intense body buffing treatment to remove dead skin cells and revive skin texture - pre or post holiday treat and excellent for exfoliation one day prior to tanning treatments or holiday.  An invigorating, revitalising full body exfoliation.  A combination of coconut oil, dead sea salt and Vitamin E is applied and a mineral rich lotion is massaged lightly into the skin to complete your treatment and leave you relaxed and invigorated.  £34


Anti-Ageing Cranberry Salt Brushing

Combines the deeply hydrating and stimulating properties of Salt Brushing with the addition of powerful anti-ageing plant extracts of Borage, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and hydrating Aloe Vera.  Grapefruit and Jasmine provide soothing, healing and anti-wrinkle results. £38


Dead Sea Black Mud Back Cleanse

Targets congestion and blemishes that affect the back £24