More and more people are turning away from sun beds and instead opting for spray tans for very good reasons. The obvious one is the health benefit of no risk of skin cancer as well as no risk of premature ageing. As well as spray tanning being more convenient, there are additional benefits such as no "burnt - look", "orangeness" or "panda eyes" that are some of the many potential side-effects of sunbeds.


Also a spray tan is more of a glowing tan and is also why it is the tan of choice for countless Hollywood A list celebs! A lovely, instant, brown tan makes us feel healthy and look fabulous! 


My Suntana tan will last a week and comes in a range of light, medium, dark and after dark. There are gorgeous aromas when applied: light (coconut), medium (cherries)..most popular!, dark (chocolate) and after dark (blackberries). It dries quickly and develops in 6-8 hours when your guide colour can then be rinsed away to leave your gorgeous if you’ve just got back from holiday!


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